Welcome to dBrowser! dBrowser is a web browser for the dweb://, the centralized web and works like any other web browser.

As of today, when browsing the dWeb, dBrowser only works with long "public-key" based URLs, like dweb://8fa31... (the equivalent of IP addresses on the decentralized web) but in the next few weeks, we will be introducing decentralized top-level domains, like .dcom, .dnet, .dweb and others, which will make the dWeb really easy to browse for just about anyone. As of today, dBrowser is meant to showcase the dWeb in its infancy but in the coming weeks, we will be introducing many features into the browser itself, so please bear with us!

Most of this documentation is truly written for developers. If you find it hard to navigate the dWeb, it's probably because there isn't much that's built for it yet. Although, in the next few months, social networks, ride sharing platforms and other applications will be sprouting up out of no where. How can we be so sure? Because we're spearheading the development of these projects.

How To Get Started

You can download dBrowser here for MacOS, Linux and Windows. Sorry to all of you guys who would love to browse the dWeb on your mobile device. The good news is, we're working on a dBrowser app! You can follow the development of dBrowser Mobile here.

Once you download dBrowser, the installation process should be pretty straight forward. Once you're in you can open a new tab and see some of the dWeb's first websites and applications, like the Peeps, Arisen and dWeb websites for starters. Click them and you can begin exploring the dWeb!

Enabling Auto-Updates

The dWeb is in its infancy, as the centralized web was in the early 90s. Remember when there were only a few websites? That's the way the dWeb is today! Over the next few weeks, as domain names and other features are enabled within dBrowser, the dWeb will be even more exciting and easier to use but as of today, it's very basic. By turning on auto updates within dBrowser, you will automatically receive these features as they become available and we're pushing out updates quickly and on a daily basis - so you definitely don't want to miss all the excitement. You can do that by going to the right hand menu in the tool bar (the 3-lined hamburger menu) and clicking Settings and enabling "Auto Updates".

What Is The dWeb?

The dWeb, short for "decentralized web" is a peer-to-peer web that is currently spreading across the planet because of people like you. To understand how the dWeb works at a very simple level, please read dWeb's How It Works page.

Compare The Centralized Web & The dWeb

The dWeb is powered by dDatabases and dDrives. dDrives are like distributed hard drives. They can store websites, web applications, media, databases and more. dDrives power much of the dWeb as it stands today.


dDrives are simply folders that are hosted on your computer. They can contain just about anything and can be shared across the dWeb for others to download, view, etc. Lean more.

Peer-to-peer means that you host data directly from your device. This means you can help host the sites and apps that you love! In other words, you can help keep a dDrive online by simply "seeding" it on the dWeb. This means you're contributing your bandwidth to other users. It happens temporarily when your visit a website or applications on the dweb://, but you can turn it on permanently for websites or applications that you love!


You can "host" the dDrives of others to help keep them online and contribute bandwidth to the projects that you love. Learn more.

The Developer Playground

If you want to start publishing a website of your own, you can learn how to create a new dDrive and developing with dBrowser's built-in code editor. You can even clone other people's dDrives or use dBrowser's built-in web terminal if you really want to get crazy. Click the "Developers" link on the docs menu, to learn about all of dBrowser's developer resources. You can also find dBrowser's list of native API's here.


Want to dive into the technical details surrounding the revolutionary dDrive? Click here to learn more.

The Back Story

dBrowser is a remix of the Beaker Browser project, in an attempt to bring the peer-to-peer web mainstream. Beaker is a project that is truly built for developers, while we're focused on packaging dBrowser for everyday consumers. We wanted to take their great work mainstream and definitely didn't want to reinvent the wheel. Beaker's exceptional work on the peer-to-peer web is what made a project like dWeb possible and their brilliant advancements, along with the work of programmers like Mathias Buus and Paul Frazee, continues to motivate us on a daily basis.