Syncing With Folders

If you want to work on a dDrive using files that are outside of the dBrowser ecosystem, you can also simply use the folder syncing feature. You may need to utilize this feature when working with a system that uses source-control, like Git, or when you just want to use an editor outside of dBrowser's builtin editor.

With A New dDrive

When creating a new dDrive, you can select a folder to sync by pressing the From Folder button, which will cause the dDrive to be initialized with the contents of the selected folder.

With An Existing dDrive

To add folder-sync to an existing dDrive, click the Site Info button and then select Sync with local folder under the tools.

Syncing With The Folder

Once the folder sync is initiated with a new dDrive or an existing dDrive, you'll see an icon on the top right of the URL bar. You can click on that icon to open the folder's sync controls. By default, folder sync will manually sync the folder.

On the right side of files that are marked for deletion, you'll find a restore button. You can click this to copy the file from the dDrive to the local folder that it is being synced with.

Setting Skip Rules

You can set rules that will allow you to skip syncing specific files. You can achieve this by expanding the Skip items matching these rules control. This control is similar to .gitignore files and supports using glob stars (*). Skipping files is useful for avoiding accidental imports (like your .git or node_modules folders) and for preserving data created by dBrowser (like the index.json manifest).

Sync It

When you're ready to sync the folder, click the Sync button.


If you would like a folder to automatically sync when changes occur, toggle the Autosync checkbox. This will sync a folder, while ignoring deselected files. Autosync only stays active as long as dBrowser is active (running). So if you restart dBrowser, you will need to reactivate Autosync.


If you're generating folders with a git init or npm install, you should probably disable autosync, so that the sync settings for those newly created folders is disabled. When using autosync, it's important that you're only syncing the folders that you want to sync publicly within the dDrive itself.